About the DizzyAliens

We are the Dizzy Alien Family and come to Earth from the far, far away galaxy GN-z11 to start a new life with you!


We are 2,222 Unique Aliens from Galaxy GN-z11 and we came to earth to bring people fun! 

Come with us on a long journey!

Minting Begins

Mar 23 2022 09:30:00 GMT

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Price per Mint

0,1 SOL

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Our Roadmap

This is the DizzyAlien Roadmap! It shows all things we want to do in the future!

December 2021 Mint Start DizzyAliens - ETH

We launched our DizzyAliens Collection on the ETH Blockchain!

Every owner & holder of a 2D DizzyAlien on the ETH Blockchain will be whitelisted for the 2D DizzyAliens Mint on Solana!

FEBRUARY 2022 Setting up Tokens  + Solana 

We launched our DizzyAlien Tokens for the DizzyAlien Metaverse! 

Every owner & holder of the 2D DizzyAliens on the ETH Blockchain will get 1500 DIALI Tokens!

March 2022 Get ready for the Mint

Get ready and welcome the DizzyAlien Family to the Solana Blockchain!

Q2 2022 Mint the last Alien!

The last Chance to get your Aliens!

Mint it fast!

q2 2022 Token listing

Times getting better!

The DizzyAlien Token is coming to Earth!
We will finally list the $DIALI Token!

Q3 2022 Stake + New Family Members!

Lets stake our DizzyAlien Family and get passive income!

The Spacephone is ringing.. 
are any relatives of the DizzyAliens coming?

q4 2022 DizzyAlien Metaverse

The Time has come!

Get ready for the DizzyAlien Metaverse Play2Earn Game!

Come with us in the Alien World!

Sneak-Peeks from our Game!

Our Sages

Every big Family has its sages! Here are our nice and friendly elders!

The wisest Alien
The social Alien
The crazy Alien
The calm Alien

Our Partners